Jennifer & Mark’s Vow Renewal Latham NY Wedding Photographers

Jennifer & Mark, April 30, 2022-Vow Renewal, Century House, Latham, NY


Jennifer & Mark were due to originally have their Wedding Day with us capturing it in April of 2020; but the world stopped and our wedding photography business was put on hold along with other events.  They still were able to have a small socially distanced gathering at Siena college with a few family members to actually tie the knot on their original date.  When things started opening up, they decided to move their photography with us to a vow renewal ceremony and finally celebrate their nuptials with a big reception.  We spent the day with these two over at the Century House.  It was like a traditional wedding day as they both got ready in the hotel and we did prep of each.  After some fun toasts with their honored attendants, they had a first look and we spent some time capturing the couple on the grounds.  We also did the entire wedding party back behind the hotel, and then we headed up towards the ceremony space for some family photos and to set up.  They had a wonderful Vow Renewal with about 115 guests witnessing their Vows in person.  The Reception was so fun. The couple took dance lessons and wowed the crowd with some spectacular lifts in their First Dance.  They even paid tribute to their dog on their wedding cake.  Thanks again for sticking with us; Jenn and Mark and inviting us back for your big celebration.  We are so glad you officially were able to have the day you originally imagined.

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Steven Sleasman (Groomsmen)          Venue:  The Century House          Venue Coordinator:  Phil Brown from the Century House          Cake:  Piece of Cake Bakery          Music:  DJ Paul Malo          Floral Design:  Fleurtacious Designs          Makeup:  Sara Marquart          Hair:  Kaile Rae          Bride’s Gown:  Allure Bridals from Ferri Formals & Bridals          Attendants’ Gowns:  Azazie          Men’s Attire:  Choppa & Son Formal Wear          Rings:  Hannoush Jewelers         Invitations:  Minted          Video:  Leann Fyvie from Fyvie Films          Photo Booth:  Music Man Entertainment          Dance Choreographer:  Vivian Lombardi from V Lombardi Dance          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitln from Hitlin Photography Inc.          Hashtag:  #PapuzzaPalooza

Bride Prep.

Jennifer & Mark's Vow Renewal 2022-06-16_0002 2022-06-16_0003 2022-06-16_0004 2022-06-16_0005

Groom Prep.

2022-06-16_0006 2022-06-16_0007 2022-06-16_0008 2022-06-16_0009 2022-06-16_0010 2022-06-16_0011


2022-06-16_0012 2022-06-16_0013 2022-06-16_0014

First Look

2022-06-16_0015 2022-06-16_0016 2022-06-16_0017 2022-06-16_0018 2022-06-16_0019 2022-06-16_0020

The forsethia bush was in full bloom

2022-06-16_0021 2022-06-16_0022 2022-06-16_0023 2022-06-16_0024 2022-06-16_0025 2022-06-16_0026 2022-06-16_0027

These two are so smiley together

2022-06-16_0029 2022-06-16_0030 2022-06-16_0031 2022-06-16_0032 2022-06-16_0033 2022-06-16_0034 2022-06-16_0035 2022-06-16_0036

The Parents


Vow Renewal Ceremony

2022-06-16_0038 2022-06-16_0039 2022-06-16_0040 2022-06-16_0041 2022-06-16_0042 2022-06-16_0043 2022-06-16_0044

Reception. Love how they honor their dog on the cake.

2022-06-16_0045 2022-06-16_0046

Choreographed First Dance

2022-06-16_0047 2022-06-16_0048


2022-06-16_0049 2022-06-16_0050 2022-06-16_0051 2022-06-16_0052

The Mom and Groom Dance turned into a dance party

2022-06-16_0053 2022-06-16_0054 2022-06-16_0055 2022-06-16_0056

Great Team: Sara on Makeup, Meg and Leann with the ladies, Phil helping with the Veil, Music Man on Photo Booth, Fyvie Films and DJ Paul Malo


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