Genevieve & Andrew’s Engagement Session Saratoga Springs NY Engagement Photographers

Genevieve (Gen) and Andrew (Drew) met 2 and half years ago online. They both purchased the App for a short period and were ready to delete it.  One night when they “matched up” and started talking, Drew’s App expired.  Thankfully in his last message to Gen, he gave her his phone number so they could stay in contact and set up a first date.  These guys dated for a time and then on a family vacation to Rhode Island (which Gen’s family have been going to for many years), Drew popped the question.  Gen’s mom had scheduled family photos of everyone.  Everyone headed to the beach and were all dressed up.  After pictures were taken, the family insisted on a photo of just the couple.  Right after their photo, Drew proposed right in front of all of Gen’s family watching on.  The couple have a dog named, Penny and they love being with her.  They are also very active; enjoying hiking, swimming and going on walks.  Both are also athletic with Drew playing football  and Gen playing soccer in college.  In addition, they love spending time with family and friends.  We met these guys up at Saratoga Spa State Park and had a ball with them.  They are so fun and love to laugh at all of Keith’s corny jokes.  We know we are going to have an amazing day with them when they get married in July 2022 at Old Daley on Crooked Lake.

Genevieve & Andrew's Engagement Session

Such a beautiful couple

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A little dancing in the woods

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A quick change of clothes and back to snuggling

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Just look at the way he looks at her

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