Courtney & Jordan’s Hall of Spring, Saratoga Springs, NY Wedding Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photographers

Courtney & Jordan, The Hall of Springs, Saratoga Springs, NY, April 16, 2016


We are so excited to share with you the amazing wedding day of Courtney and Jordan.  About a year ago we shot Jordan’s sister Mallory’s wedding and have been in love with this family ever since.  They are seriously the nicest people and we came out of both days not feeling like we were working at all, but as part of the extended family.  Courtney’s personality and attitude are infectious!  This girl is so positive and smiles at every moment of the day.  And, GORGEOUS!  We started the day at Courtney’s parents house and the Bridesmaids all took part in making the Bride comfortable and getting her ready for the big day.  We headed over to  St. Mary’s of the Assumption in Waterford, where we met up with Jordan and his guys at a nearby basketball court.  One thing that Jordan wanted was to play a little ball on his big day.  We accommodated that and after a bout or two between the guys.  We posed them under a basket.  Jordan literally took the basketball and threw it over his head and made a basket (see images below to prove this).  We all were in amazement.  After a beautiful ceremony we raced the setting sun and headed to our final destination of the evening, The Hall of Springs, and captured the last slivers of sunset and got some outstanding images.  As the reception kicked off, the band, The Accents rocked the house and had everyone on the dance floor.  

What an amazing day!  Courtney and Jordan we had a blast with the both of you and hope you keep on laughing and have a very fruitful marriage.

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiate:  Father Kelley          Venue:  Hall of Springs          Catering:  Mazzone Hospitality          Coordinator:  Emily Simmons, Day of Lindsey Ruoff of Mazzone Hospitality          Music:  The Accents          Floral Design:  Flowers by Pesha          Hair:  Lilly Miller & Danielle Malatesta          MU:  Jennifer Schwartz          Gown:  store: Kleinfelds, designer:  Paloma Blanca          Bridal Attendants’ Gowns:  Bridal Gallery by Yvonne          Mens’ Attire:  Choppa & Son          Rings:  Northeastern Fine Jewelry          Invitations:  Jessica K. Feiden Designs          Transportation:  Advantage Transit Group          Photo Booth:  Events by Cool Cat          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.

Bridal Prep.

Courtney & Jordan's Wedding 2016-05-27_0002 2016-05-27_0003 2016-05-27_0004

Such a gorgeous shot by Meghan

2016-05-27_0005 2016-05-27_0006

First Reveal with Mom and Dad

2016-05-27_0007 2016-05-27_0008


2016-05-27_0009 2016-05-27_0010

Time to meet up with Jordan and the guys for a little basketball


HE SUNK IT!  In one shot! AWESOME!

2016-05-27_0012 2016-05-27_0013 2016-05-27_0014 2016-05-27_0015

The Ceremony

2016-05-27_0016 2016-05-27_0017 2016-05-27_0018 2016-05-27_0019 2016-05-27_0020 2016-05-27_0021


2016-05-27_0022 2016-05-27_0023 2016-05-27_0024 2016-05-27_0025


2016-05-27_0026 2016-05-27_0028 2016-05-27_0029 2016-05-27_0030 2016-05-27_0031 2016-05-27_0032 2016-05-27_0033

This was a party crowd!  Hey there’s Justin and Mallory, Hitlin Inc. wedding couple from 2015!




The Accents KILLED IT!  Such great people in this band too!


Some working photos of the professional photogs doing their job.  WE LOVE WHAT WE DO (does it show ;?)!  And there’s Sarah from Mazzone getting this couple what they need.


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