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So this session right here has to go down as Hitlin Photography’s coolest engagement session yet.  I say this, cause the groom literally picked us up in the family plane at a local airport in NY and flew us to the engagement location in the Poconos in PA.  It was our first time doing anything like this and it was definitely an experience.  We got a good 40 min. in the plane to chat it up with Groom Shawn and then when we landed, Cassie met us at her father’s airplane hangar.  Of course we shot in front of the actual plane we flew in and the hangar.  There was also a really neat vintage tractor at the airport we got pics of as well.  Shawn and Cassie loaded us up in their Jeep and drove us around the area stopping here and there for some more great shots.  We also included their little fur ball Molly for some pics.  We ended the session at Cassie’s dad’s house (you know the guy who owns the airplane), and took some stuff on his beautiful property and with another vintage tractor.  After the session, the couple took us over to their reception venue; Kalahari Resort to scope it out for shooting their wedding next year.   Shawn then flew us back to NY and we were home by dinner.  It was such an amazing day.  Thanks again Cassie, Shawn, and Moyer Aviation for being so good to us!  Looking forward to capturing their big day in July 2018 in the Poconos. 

Yeah, we flew in that!

Cassie & Shawn's Engagement Session

This is one good looking couple

2017-11-22_0002 2017-11-22_0003 2017-11-22_0004

Perfect setting for this tractor if you ask me

2017-11-22_0005 2017-11-22_0006 2017-11-22_0007 2017-11-22_0008

Let’s open up those doors

2017-11-22_0009 2017-11-22_0010 2017-11-22_0011 2017-11-22_0012

Don’t worry a plane just took off


Time to meet Miss. Molly

2017-11-22_0014 2017-11-22_0015


2017-11-22_0016 2017-11-22_0017

There was still some good color there

2017-11-22_0018 2017-11-22_0019

Now that’s a cool tractor

2017-11-22_0020 2017-11-22_0021 2017-11-22_0022



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