Brittany & Mike’s Engagement Session Saratoga Springs NY Engagement Photographers

OK, grab the nearest fire extinguisher, cause this session is a HOT ONE!!!  Brittany and Mike who currently live in Florida came up home for their engagement party a few weeks ago and met up with Keith for their engagement session.  Having done multiple sessions for Brittany’s family in the past, we knew it would be fun, as anything with the Fane family typically is.  Well Mike brought his A-game as well and suggested starting the session at his parent’s home.  This place is like a museum.  Totally unassuming on the outside, but CHECK OUT the interior.  THEY LIVE HERE!!!  It is simply gorgeous and worked perfectly for this couple.  We even had some fun with a dramatic lit wall near the main Christmas Tree.  We ended the session up at the Saratoga Winery for a reallly warm, cozy series of images with wine and a fire pit.  The couple met through Brittany’s brothers.  Mike took Brittany on a European trip to various countries and when they were in Bruges, Mike proposed on the Lake of Love at Minnewater Park.  Legend says if you walk over the bridge and kiss your loved one, it will become eternal love.  HOW ROMANTIC!!!  We can’t wait to capture their big day in Sept. 2018 at the Fane Private Residence.  It’s going to be one for the books!

Brittany & Mike's Engagement Session

Can this couple be any more good looking??


YEAH, mom put a custom monogram on the floor just for this shoot!

2017-12-15_0003 2017-12-15_0004


2017-12-15_0005 2017-12-15_0006 2017-12-15_0007

Some relaxed shots with their Miami U sweats


LOL the family dog wanted in on the action


Up to Saratoga Winery

2017-12-15_0010 2017-12-15_0011

It’s so cozy in there

2017-12-15_0012 2017-12-15_0013 2017-12-15_0014 2017-12-15_0015

Cool, an outdoor bar at the Tree Farm

2017-12-15_0016 2017-12-15_0017 2017-12-15_0018

Simply gorgeous!


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  1. The pictures are beautiful stunning just like the couple congratulations and can’t wait for the big day in September all the Canadians will be there

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