Brianne & Shaun’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Brianne and Shaun met one day while Brianne was bartending at Martel’s Restaurant on the grounds of Capital Hills Golf Course.  Shaun, who golfed there on the weekends would go in to the bar for a bite to eat and a drink while there.  The two spoke here and there.  A few years later, Brianne walked into a bar that Shaun was at.  They were re-introduced by Shaun’s friend, and the rest was history.  We absolutely love how they suggested for their engagement session to go back to Capital Hills for some shots.  They wanted to bring their pug puppy, Duke along.   Immediately we thought, um, it is November, and a dog on a golf course; don’t know about that.  They informed us that in the off season, the golf course becomes a dog park.  PERFECT!!  We just loved walking around with these guys and little Duke (who is adorable).  We even popped into Martels for a few shots too.  Those images will have so much meaning to these two.  We can’t wait to capture their November 2017 wedding at the Saratoga Hilton in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Where it began

Brianne & Shaun's Engagement Session 2016-12-13_0002 2016-12-13_0003

This pup was a licker



2016-12-13_0005 2016-12-13_0006


2016-12-13_0007 2016-12-13_0008 2016-12-13_0009 2016-12-13_0010 2016-12-13_0011 2016-12-13_0012 2016-12-13_0013

It was cold out, but these two made it look warm

2016-12-13_0014 2016-12-13_0015 2016-12-13_0016 2016-12-13_0017 2016-12-13_0018 2016-12-13_0019

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