Bri and Brandon’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Bri and Brandon met through Instagram.  A mutual friend posted a pic of Brandon and Bri saw it and thought he was cute; so she added him on IG.  One day, Brandon posted a pic of himself snowboarding in the mountains.  Bri thought the picture was neat and messaged him saying how cool the view was. That sparked conversation and the rest is history.  On Christmas Eve, the two had both finished cleaning the house and getting ready for the day, when Brandon called Bri into the living room to “open” a gift before their families arrived.  He got down on one knee next to the Christmas tree holding their dog and asked her to marry him.  These two love watching football games together.  He is a Vikings Fan and she is a Bills Fan.  They like to explore small towns, hiking and exploring the Adirondacks and love traveling pretty much anywhere.  Their dog Cane is their pride and joy and they enjoy taking him on walks and having adventures.  They also enjoy cooking together and trying new recipes.  We met these two one evening at the Round Lake Preserve to capture 2 different outfit changes and some shots with their beloved dog; Cane.  We can’t wait to celebrate these two in May 2024 for their Wedding at Mohawk River Country Club & Chateau.

Bri & Brandon's Engagement Session

They love their little dog

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Get the ring shot but also get in some belly scratches

2023-06-23_0023 2023-06-23_0024 2023-06-23_0025 2023-06-23_0026

It was a nice night on the water

2023-06-23_0027 2023-06-23_0028 2023-06-23_0029 2023-06-23_0030 2023-06-23_0031

Quick change of clothing

2023-06-23_0032 2023-06-23_0033 2023-06-23_0034 2023-06-23_0035 2023-06-23_0036 2023-06-23_0037

We love a couple who can have some fun together

2023-06-23_0038 2023-06-23_0039


2023-06-23_0040 2023-06-23_0041 2023-06-23_0042 2023-06-23_0043

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