Becca & Ian’s Revolution Hall at Brown’s Brewing Co. Wedding Troy NY Wedding Photographers

Becca & Ian, September 15, 2018, Revolution Hall at Brown’s Brewing Co.


Summer was coming to an end but the warmth was still there for Becca & Ian’s wedding day a few weeks back.  So warm in fact that we were walking around without sleeves and wiping the brows of the couple to make sure they didn’t look too shiny.  Becca and Ian were so much fun to work with and we loved giggling and laughing with them throughout the day.  We started the day over at Best Western Franklin Square where Becca was just finishing makeup and the girls were pouring Bloody Marys for a toast to the Bride.  Down the hall Ian and his guys got ready and had lined up their sports mugs for a toast to the Groom.  Becca’s mom helped her get dressed and some of the images of the two of them are so beautiful.  The couple had a quick First Look outside and then we headed over to Sage Park where we took advantage of the Brown Stone architecture and some flowers in bloom.  We got so much quality time photographing this couple before we headed over to Brown’s Revolution Hall,  where we then met up with the Wedding Party.  The couple were married at Revolution Hall in front of friends and family, and the Bride’s grandfather Frank traveled via Medical transport all the way from VT to see his granddaughter get married.  He was all smiles when he arrived and family took many pics with him at the reception.  We were sad to hear that just a few days ago, grandpa Frank passed.  We are so glad we were able to capture his last joyous family event with the family.  Becca and Ian partied it up with everyone and danced the night away.  We even snuck to a special spot to get a pic and had to go though a very busy Brown’s Brewing Co. restaurant to do it.  Many patrons hooted and hollared as we walked through.  It was such a spectacular day for these two and we’re so honored to have been a part of it.  Wishing you all the best Becca and Ian!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Terry Buchanan (Justice of the Peace)          Venue:  Revolution Hall at Brown’s Brewing Co.         Catering:  Brown’s Brewing Co.          Cake:  Bella Napoli          Venue Coordinator:  Carrie Harkin of Brown’s Brewing Co.          Music:  DJ Zane Krumanocker from Superfly Sounds          Floral Design:  Market 32          Makeup:  Alexandria’s Beauty Salon          Hair:  Wavelengths          Bride’s Gown:  Essence of Australia from Lily Saratoga          Attendants’ Gowns:  Lulu’s and Nordstrom          Men’s Attire:  Macy’s          Rings:  Glennpeters Jewelers          Invitations:  Meg O’Neil          Photo Booth:  Superfly Sounds          Ceremony Music:  Evalise Boughton & Joe Costanza          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.          Hashtag:  #OneMooreLloyd

Bride Prep.

Becca & Ian's Wedding 2018-10-30_0017 2018-10-30_0018

Groom Prep.

2018-10-30_0019 2018-10-30_0020 2018-10-30_0021 2018-10-30_0022 2018-10-30_0023 2018-10-30_0024

Love this reaction from Mom


First Look

2018-10-30_0026 2018-10-30_0027 2018-10-30_0028 2018-10-30_0029 2018-10-30_0030

So many great spots to shoot in Troy

2018-10-30_0032 2018-10-30_0033 2018-10-30_0034 2018-10-30_0035 2018-10-30_0036

Becca is so pretty

2018-10-30_0037 2018-10-30_0038 2018-10-30_0039

Ian has the best smile


Over to Brown’s


Father of Bride reaction

2018-10-30_0042 2018-10-30_0043 2018-10-30_0044 2018-10-30_0045 2018-10-30_0046


2018-10-30_0047 2018-10-30_0048 2018-10-30_0049

Grandpa Frank, this one’s for you!




So glad we got to this spot with this couple.  It sure was HOT up there.

2018-10-30_0052 2018-10-30_0053 2018-10-30_0054 2018-10-30_0055

PAR-TAY, even Hulk Hogan arrived, LOL (Father of Groom)


Why not pour beers at your own Wedding


A Kiss to end the night


The Team:  Alexandrias, Meg fixing the dress, Keith making fun of Carrie and her yelling at him, LOL, and DJ Zane


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