Amy & Joe’s Engagement Session Grafton NY Engagement Photographers

Amy met Joe through one of her customers at work.  Originally Amy was unsure if she wanted to meet him, but they ended up connecting later on social media.  During winter break, Joe asked Amy to go on a road trip with a bunch of friends.  During the trip, they eventually began dating.  Amy and Joe enjoy hiking together, and one day Joe asked Amy if she wanted to hike Monument Mountain.  At the top of this mountain, there is a view of a local high school’s football field.  It is frequently sprayed with signs for upcoming events so people can see it way up on the mountain.  When the couple made the hike to the top, Joe asked Amy to see if she was able to make out one of the signs below.  As she looked through binoculars, she saw a sign that said “Will U Marry Me?”  She turned around and Joe was on one knee.  These two love to travel; especially to the beach.  They enjoy attending sporting events and have a mutual bond for music and movies.  The also enjoy exploring different breweries.  We met this couple up at Grafton Lake State Park where they took us to a part of the park many people don’t know about.  We love the foliage on the trees and our golden hour sun pics on the dock over the lake.  We can’t wait to celebrate with these to on their wedding day in September of 2020 at Glen Sanders Mansion.

Amy & Joe's Engagement Session 2019-11-18_0002 2019-11-18_0003 2019-11-18_0004

Love those golden tones

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AH, this image!

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