Alexis & Zach’s Mohawk River Country Club & Chateau Wedding Rexford NY Wedding Photographers

Alexis & Zach, June 18, 2022, Mohawk River Country Club & Chateau


We were so glad to get back to Mohawk River Country Club this year.  Alexis and Zach had a great day filled with lots of fun and dancing.  We started the day with Alexis and her girls up in Mohawk’s newly renovated bridal suite.  It looks gorgeous with all the white touches.  After getting dressed, Alexis and her dad had a first reveal.  Zach arrived to the venue shortly after in his brother’s Porsche; which we got some pics with.  The boys had a celebratory toast to Zach and we got ready for the reception.  The flowers at Mohawk looked vibrant and beautiful and the couple were married in front of the gazebo.  There were some great moments of emotion and laughter.  Alexis has a smile that is infectious and you just want to smile around her.  After they were married we did the majority of their photo time with family, wedding party and the two of them.  We even got out on the golf course quickly when it started to sprinkle a little heavier.  The couple headed into Cocktail Hour at that point to greet their guests.  If you ever go to Mohawk River CC you will know they have a killer Cocktail Hour and later on an unbelievable dessert room.  See pics below!!!  The couple were on the dance floor the whole night and had the party of their lives thanks to DJ Mike Reilly.  It was a great day Alexis and Zach.  Congrats again from Hitlin Photographyl!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiant:  Briana Crow-Wilday (MOH and friend)          Venue:  Mohawk River Country Club & Chateau          Venue Coordinator:  Debbie Scensny from Mohawk River CC          Music:  DJ Mike Reilly from Mike Reilly Entertainment          Floral Design:  Touch of Country          Makeup:  Karissa Bartling          Hair:  Kristi Prince          Bride’s Gown:  Ferri Formals          Attendants’ Gowns:  David’s Bridal          Men’s Attire:  The Black Tux          Rings:  Mayfair Jewelers          Invitations:  The Knot          Video:  Daniel Nesti from Elevated Memories          Transportation:  First Student Charter          Photography:  Meghan & Keith Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.          Hashtag:  #SaiaIDo

Bride Prep.

Alexis & Zach's Wedding 2022-08-09_0002

We love fun bridesmaids who aren’t afraid of being goofy for us

2022-08-09_0003 2022-08-09_0004 2022-08-09_0005 2022-08-09_0006 2022-08-09_0007

Reading a letter from Zach

2022-08-09_0008 2022-08-09_0009 2022-08-09_0010 2022-08-09_0011

First Reveal with Dad


Alexis looked beautiful

2022-08-09_0013 2022-08-09_0014 2022-08-09_0015 2022-08-09_0016

Alexis went in hiding and then Zach arrived in his brother’s Porsche

2022-08-09_0017 2022-08-09_0018 2022-08-09_0019 2022-08-09_0020 2022-08-09_0021

Reading a note from Alexis

2022-08-09_0022 2022-08-09_0023

We love the new bridal suite at Mohawk River CC

2022-08-09_0024 2022-08-09_0025

Ceremony Time

2022-08-09_0026 2022-08-09_0027 2022-08-09_0028 2022-08-09_0029 2022-08-09_0030 2022-08-09_0031 2022-08-09_0032

Just a little sprinkle

2022-08-09_0033 2022-08-09_0034 2022-08-09_0035

Alexis’ smile is infectious

2022-08-09_0036 2022-08-09_0037

Nice vibrant colors

2022-08-09_0038 2022-08-09_0039 2022-08-09_0040 2022-08-09_0041 2022-08-09_0042 2022-08-09_0043 2022-08-09_0044

Some quick golf course shots

2022-08-09_0045 2022-08-09_0046 2022-08-09_0047 2022-08-09_0049

Mohawk’s Awesome Cocktail Hour and then on to Reception

2022-08-09_0050 2022-08-09_0051 2022-08-09_0052 2022-08-09_0053 2022-08-09_0054 2022-08-09_0055

Mohawk’s Dessert Room is like none other.  Bananas Foster flambe, anyone?


They wanted a party and they got one

2022-08-09_0057 2022-08-09_0058

Great Team: Karissa and Kristi on beauty, Keith and Daniel on video, Meg, Debbie from Mohawk and DJ Mike


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