Abby & Kevin’s Engagement Session Saratoga Springs Engagement Photographer

Abby and Kevin met when they both had mutual friends through work and had drinks with them one night.  They hung out with their shared friend group and during the holidays, Kevin offered to drive Abby home to Albany on his way to his hometown.  They hit it off on the drive and shortly after Christmas that year; began dating.  The couple live together in Boston and one day took a drive up to Gloucester, MA.  They walked around a bit and found themselves a little park along the water where Kevin asked Abby to marry him.  These two enjoy running and working out together, along with spending time outdoors and heading to their favorite destination in the Outer Banks when they can.   They traveled to the area from Boston for their engagement session up at Congress Park in Saratoga Springs on a warm, sunlit evening.  We are looking forward to capturing their big day in June 2021 at Albany County Club.

Abby & Kevin's Engagement Session 2020-07-24_0002 2020-07-24_0003

I’ll follow you anywhere

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The Trask steps are always a favorite

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