Abby & Brendan’s Wedding-Day 2 (American Wedding), Schenectady, NY

After seeing our Day 1 post of Abby and Brendan’s Wedding, we got many of you asking for more.  Well here you go!  Day 2 of the weekend long wedding ceremonies of Abby and Brendan had us again traveling to Abby’s mom’s house in Schenectady where we were greeted to an entirely different type of wedding attire.  I have to say, it was just as gorgeous as the day before.  We watched as Shannon Saiid again made Abby’s makeup flawless and Abby’s sisters and mom helped her to get into her American style wedding gown.  Once again, Abby was breathtaking and we had such a great time taking photos of her and her bridesmaids around the property.

We then hopped in the car and headed over to Mallozzi’s Ballroom, where just next door at the Belvedere Hotel, Brendan was getting ready with his groomsman.  The couple decided on first looks for both days, so we chose a spot different from the day before and got Brendan set up.  Meg greeted Abby and brought her to meet her groom.  The two made it easy to capture this beautiful moment because the look on their face when they saw each other was priceless.

The ceremony was conducted on the outside Terrace and as guests were greeted into the ballroom by DJ Todd Farley of Sound Control, they were amazed by the beautiful centerpieces of stunning white roses created by Abby’s sisters, Felicia and Nadine.  These two were very crafty.  Not only did they create the centerpieces, but also created two unique family trees out in the foyer that had dangling pennants of passed loved ones hanging from the branches.

Again, Mallozzi’s did a fabulous job and we had a great time working along side fellow professionals:  Shannon Saiid, DJ Todd Farley from Sound Control DJ’s, and Jim Cheifari from Simply Beautiful Wedding Videography.  Abby and Brendan, thank you so much for including us in both days of your wedding celebrations.  You two were a blast to work with and we enjoyed getting to know all of your family and friends.  We wish you a world of happiness in your wedded future!!

Didn’t take Abby as long to get into this dress than it did the day before, but still STUNNING RESULTS!!

Abby’s little flower girls were precious


Abby and her sisters Felicia and Nadine.  All three were gorgeous both days!


Remember our TEASER on the right?

Unique shot at the entrance of Mallozzi’s ballroom

Great details

Checking out the ballroom before anyone else.  I love this moment!

Abby and Brendan will show you how to enter a room!

First dance was gorgeous and then BAM, the couple broke out in killer dance moves.  SO FUN!  Seriously best first dance we’ve seen in awhile!

Abby’s dance with her mother.  Her sister Felicia went into a recording studio and sang instead of “In My Daughter’s Eyes,” she sang, “In My Abby’s Eyes.”  This is the moment Abby found out!

Brendan gave his groomsman an ounce of Troy Silver each.  COOL gift!

What a fun party!  HEY, is that Todd Farley with the glow necklaces??

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  1. Keith and Megan you are awesome! taking the most beautiful I have ever seen, it was a pleasure again having you at our home.

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