Abby & Brendan’s Wedding-DAY 1 (Muslim Ceremony), Schenectady, NY

Keith and I have definitely gotten some varied experience this season shooting some very unique ceremonies and weddings.  We’re excited to post the weekend long ceremonies of Abby and Brendan.  Day 1 was a Nikah Ceremony as part of Abby’s Muslim heritage, where Day 2, was a more American-type ceremony.  Since both days were entirely unique, we decided to Blog the days in two different posts.

Day 1 found us heading to Abby’s mom’s house in Schenectady, where we were amazed when we first got a glimpse of Abby’s attire and accessories for the day.  Abby had made us aware that the dress itself weighed about 40lbs, and boy, she wasn’t kidding.  The dress was inlaid with intricate bead work.  In addition, it is tradition for gold jewelry to be placed apon the Bride at the end of prep.  It took almost an hour to put every detail on Abby, which made it great for us, because, those were some stunning shots to take.

We then headed over to Mallozzi’s Banquet Hall to meet up with Groom, Brendan for a first look.  I have to say, Brendan didn’t look to shabby himself in his specialized garb and ceremonial hat.  Their ceremony was quite unique and included a really neat drum intro that Brendan and his entourage entered the room to.  Abby entered with her own entourage of lovely ladies dressed beautifully in vibrant colors.  Al0ng with the interesting entrances, throughout the ceremony, there were speeches, signing, gifts presented, and even traditional Indian dancing entertainment.

We had such a great time working along with some fellow professionals such as makeup artist Shannon Saiid, Jim Chiefari from Simply Beautiful Wedding Videography and the awesome musical entertainment provided by Todd Farley from Sound Control.  Abby’s mom Jasmine did a wonderful job transforming Mallozzi’s upstairs ballroom into a beautifully lit and decorated location for the ceremony and reception.  Mallozzi’s did a fabulous job as always with their famous Italian buffet, guests were even treated to an Indian buffet.  A special chef was requested to come in and create the delicious Indian fare.

We had such a great time with Abby and Brendan and their families and friends.  Stay tuned for their DAY 2 American Wedding Blog; you won’t want to miss it!  Congrats Abby and Brendan!

Has to be most intricate dress and accessories we’ve seen to date!

LOVE these shots of Abby’s henna tattoos.  She said that Brendan even got them.  I guess he didn’t want to be left out ;0!

Remember our beautiful TEASER?

Mom Jasmine and Abby

Sisters Nadine and Felicia with Abby.  LOVED their attire as well.


Great job with decorations to mom Jasmine!

Now this is how you enter a room!

Brendan presenting Abby with a gift.

Watching one of the dancers

The food was AMAZING!!!

11 thoughts on “Abby & Brendan’s Wedding-DAY 1 (Muslim Ceremony), Schenectady, NY

  1. I’ve been waiting to see this pictures. Meghan and Keith are truly amazing photographers. Just seeing these pictures made me feel as though I was part of the wedding – just breathtaking…
    the bride and groom must be thrilled!

  2. Great pictures Keith and Megan! it was a pleasure having you at our home, the way I see these beautiful pictures, it”s like from a movie thank you.

  3. These pictures are absolutely beautiful. I posted my comment under my daughter by accident. They are gorgeous. Wow!

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