2022 Tribute to Wedding Professionals Albany NY Wedding Photographers

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In 2022, we celebrated our 14th year of photographing Weddings.  Over these years we have had the pleasure of meeting so many wonderful people in the Industry who really earn the title of “Wedding Professionals,” and many we now consider good friends.  We say all the time, a Wedding is created by a TEAM and there is no “I in TEAM.”  Working as a team creates some of the most special days for our couples.  So not only the photographer who shoots the Wedding, but the Venue Operator, Venue Coordinator, Wedding Planner, Officiant, Church, Caterer, DJ, Band, Musical Artists, Floral Designers, Makeup and Hair Artists, Bridal and Menswear Stores, Jewelers, Stationary, Video, Photo Booth, Transportation, and some others are combined to make sure each couple has their best day ever.  So THANK YOU to all of the Wedding Professionals we’ve had the pleasure of being part of the team with this past year.  Here is a Tribute to honor your dedication, work and talent.  

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