Sanchez, Blankenship, Vaughn, Doyle, & Hansen Multi-Family Shoot, Schodack, NY

Davia contacted us a few weeks back and asked if we could schedule a multi-family shoot.  Her one daughter Kelli, who lives in Tennessee was up with her family and Davia really wanted to take advantage of EVERYONE being together.  What a great idea!  Davia has a beautiful property and for 19 people in the group photo, they all seemed comfortable and relaxed with us.  I don’t know if it was all the joking we typically do, but this family was seriously a blast to work with.   Both of Davia’s parents who are in their 90’s were even able to be in the shoot and boy, they were troopers on such a hot day.  Davia is a lucky lady to have such a beautiful and loving family.  Thanks for choosing us to capture this great moment for your family!

It was a LARGE GROUP, but we made it work!  So to get everyone “loose” we asked who is the biggest trouble maker of the family?  Can you see who they’re all pointing to?  Sorry brother!

The grand kids with the Great-Grandparents.  For both being in their 90’s they did awesome for the shoot!

Davia (mom) and her four kids

Davia is one lucky lady to have so much love in her family.  Love these photos of her and her grand kids.

I like to call this grouping, “the family tree.”  Each family had separate portraits taken.

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