Robyn & John’s Revolution Hall at Brown’s Brewing Company Wedding Troy NY Wedding Photographer

Robyn & John, June 4, 2016, Revolution Hall at Brown’s Brewing Company


As wedding photographers, we see a lot of unique and interesting things at weddings.  I have to say, this wedding takes the cake.  It is the first time we’ve ever had a pig show up at a reception and draw so much attention.  Check out the images below to see what I’m referring to ;).  Robyn and John are two of the most genuine people I think we’ve ever worked with.  Robyn is a spit-fire and is full of spunk.  She is one stunning beauty as well.  Then you have John, who smiles for everything!  Such a jokester and all around good guy.  This wedding had the markings of FUN all over it.  We met up with the girls where they got ready at the Albany Hilton where the ladies of Christopher Brian Salon put the final touches on them.  We headed over to Revolution Hall and met John and the guys.  We took advantage of the empty Malt Room for some cool pics.  The ceremony was filled with emotion in the form of tears and laughter.  Taking the two out for their bridal portraits was such a joy.  We hit up some local scenery of Troy buildings and then even got down near the water for some shots.  The reception kicked off and the guests danced; a lot!  Some groomsmen whisked the Bride and Groom away outside to present them with a Pig.  Story has it, John and his buddies confiscated the pig statue years ago and then buried it.  It was resurfaced and given a fresh coat of paint for the wedding, and became a center of attention for the rest of the evening.  It was definitely a memorable experience for us to capture.

Robyn and John, you are two amazing people, and we’re lucky to now call you guys friends.  Thanks for the honor of capturing your wedding!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiate:  Sharon La Verda          Venue:  Revolution Hall at Brown’s Brewing Company          Catering:  Brown’s Brewing Company          Coordinator:  Carrie Harkin or Brown’s Brewing          Cake:  Kate’s Kakes          Music:  DJ Jeffrey Scott          Floral Design:  Flowers by Pesha          Hair:  Stacy Kieper & Kerry Rudolph of Christopher Brian Salon          Makeup:  Veronica Nunes          Gown:  Zac Posen for David’s Bridal          Attendants’ Gowns:  David’s Bridal          Mens’ Attire:  Mens’ Wearhouse          Rings:  Kay Jewelers          Invitations:  Shutterfly          Transportation:  Premiere Transportation          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin from Hitlin Photography Inc.

Bridal Prep.

2016-07-18_0001 2016-07-18_0002 2016-07-18_0003

Groom Prep.


2016-07-18_0006 2016-07-18_0007 2016-07-18_0008 2016-07-18_0009 2016-07-18_0010 2016-07-18_0011 2016-07-18_0012 2016-07-18_0013 2016-07-18_0014


2016-07-18_0016 2016-07-18_0017 2016-07-18_0018

LOVE Meg’s vantage point here

2016-07-18_0019 2016-07-18_0020 2016-07-18_0021 2016-07-18_0022 2016-07-18_0023 2016-07-18_0024 2016-07-18_0025 2016-07-18_0026 2016-07-18_0027 2016-07-18_0028

Such great shots

2016-07-18_0029 2016-07-18_0030 2016-07-18_0031 2016-07-18_0032


2016-07-18_0034 2016-07-18_0035 2016-07-18_0036 2016-07-18_0037 2016-07-18_0038 2016-07-18_0039

Bring out the PIG

2016-07-18_0040 2016-07-18_0041 2016-07-18_0042 2016-07-18_0043 2016-07-18_0044 2016-07-18_0045

Amazing team on this one, Kerry on hair, Keith light testing, Veronica on MU.  Meg telling a nervous bride a joke, Stacy on hair, and DJ Jeff/


Check out Robyn and John’s testimonial about their experience with Hitlin Photography Inc.

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