Mikaela & Mike’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographers

Mikaela and Mike met volunteering at  a charity bike race.  The two are quite adventurous and enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, and biking.  In fact, they are both aspiring to be 46’rs by hiking the 46 highest peaks in NY State by the time they get married.  They even were engaged on top of one of the secluded high peaks.  They both work also for the Department of Environmental Conservation and we thought it was fitting that they chose 5 Rivers Educational Center in Delmar for their session.  It is a great place and we love the planked walkways and nature all around.  We wish these two a wonderful wedding day in the winter!

Mikaela & Mike's Engagement Session 2017-06-28_0002

So much green!

2017-06-28_0003 2017-06-28_0004 2017-06-28_0005

Love this building as a backdrop


A change of clothes and a little more casual

2017-06-28_0007 2017-06-28_0008

Very pretty place to take a hike

2017-06-28_0009 2017-06-28_0010 2017-06-28_0011 2017-06-28_0012 2017-06-28_0013 2017-06-28_0014 2017-06-28_0015 2017-06-28_0016

Such a beautiful day

2017-06-28_0017 2017-06-28_0018 2017-06-28_0019

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