Marissa & Steve’s E-Session

A few months back Marissa and Steve contacted us about setting up an E-session in the Lake George, NY region.  The family has a great spot on the water and they wanted to head out on the family boat as well!  Heck yeah!  But the day we were supposed to head up and do the session, the weather was extremely overcast and threatening. So, the sprinkling rain and dark clouds made us think twice about the trek up north.  At the last minute, Marissa had the idea of doing the session at Steve’s parents house which just so happens to have a small horse farm on the grounds. Not too shabby for a backup location!  We found some great spots on the property and then at the end of the session, Marissa starting talking about this cool bridge they knew of close by.  So we headed over and it turned out to be one of the most unique spots we have ever shot at! Such a fun session and looking forward to future sessions with these guys!

We even got a shot with their beloved dog, Oliver

Those horses were perfect in the background

LOL, photo bomb by Oliver

Very cool tunnel suggested by the couple

AH, still in love with this picture; used as our TEASER!


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