Leanna and Greg’s Franklin Plaza Wedding Sneak Peek

Congratulations to Leanna and Greg who got married yesterday at Franklin Plaza Ballroom in Troy, N.Y.  The bride wore her Grandmother’s vintage dress and she looked amazing!  Enjoy this sneak peek and check back soon for more photos!

franklin plaza wedding_photos_0001_8021

franklin plaza wedding_photos_0002_8322

franklin plaza wedding_photos_0003_8609

franklin plaza wedding_photos_0004_8818

franklin plaza wedding_photos_0005_8834

franklin plaza wedding_photos_0006_8990

franklin plaza wedding_photos_0007_9071

franklin plaza wedding_photos_0008_0076

franklin plaza wedding_photos_0009_4275

franklin plaza wedding_photos_0010_1228

franklin plaza wedding_photos_0011_1271

The bride was super close with her grandparents and asked if we could recreate this photo for them!

franklin plaza wedding_photos_0012_1271

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