Hitlin Bros. ANTICS!

It’s a funny thing when you’re a photographer.  You tend to take more professional pictures of your client’s kids then you do of your own children.  Also, it is definitely true to say that a photo shoot with your own children is much different.  We try to get our boys formal pics done at least once during the year.  Between running them back and forth to school and sports; most pictures end up to be quick candids of life’s little moments.  They really keep us on our toes!  But, I have to say, they’re complete “hams” behind the camera.  If you know both Keith and my (Meg’s) personalities well, you can probably see why.  We’ve already posted a TEASER from their spring session a few weeks back, but here are a few more for your viewing pleasure.

Our boys are CHARACTERS!

Big Brother!

Little Brother!

They love each other; it shows!

2 thoughts on “Hitlin Bros. ANTICS!

  1. OMG..I love them….you are very luck to have such beautiful boys! The photography wasn’t too bad either ;-).

  2. I love the aqua tint on the boys shirts and hats. Pop said to me just last night, “boy – we sure have good lookin’ grand sons.” I wholeheartedly agree… XXOO

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