Gab & Amber’s Old Daley on Crooked Lake Wedding Albany NY Wedding Photographers

Gab & Amber, December 3, 2016, Old Daley on Crooked Lake


It goes without saying, Keith and I have shot many weddings, but this wedding right here, it has all the feels.  The abundance of love coming not only from these two  for each other, but from every single being that graced their wedding day was absolutely amazing.   Gab is the assistant softball coach for Sage College and Amber is the head softball coach for RPI. The two not only share a love of softball, but it is truly what brought them together.  We love how there were little details here and there that reflected the sport.  Gab and Amber got ready in Old Daley on Crooked Lake’s wedding suites.  It is neat that the couple can be directly across the hall from each other and have a unique room to themselves to get ready.  I swear these two have so many friends that admire them and the excitement from everyone was infectious.  Directly before the big day (and unknowing by each of them), Gab and Amber secretly messaged me about adding a spot in the prep time of the schedule to surprise the other with a special gift.  What they didn’t realize is not even 5 min. after we received Gab’s email about this, Amber sent one of her own.  Little things like that made it clearly evident to us how much these two belong together.  It was an emotional gift giving experience and then each of their dads did a first reveal with them.  It was a cold day, so we did their first look in the ballroom and once they saw each other, the smiles never stopped.  We had so much time taking portraits and even captured some beautiful winter skies over the lake.  The ladies were married next to the fireplace indoors and guests were greeted into the softball theme decorated ballroom and even got to take home a bag of sunflower seeds to munch on.  The party was ON and guests danced hard ALL night!  There was even a flash mob created during one of their attendant’s speeches.  It was such a fabulous day to witness.

Gab and Amber, you remind us just how special love is and we are truly blessed that you chose us to capture your beautiful day.  We wish you both all the love in the world; even though, we know you both have it!

Team of Wedding Professionals:

Officiate:  Guy Maisonet          Venue:  Old Daley on Crooked Lake          Catering:  Old Daley Custom Catering          Coordinators:  Elise Testo & Sarah Tyrell of Old Daley on Crooked Lake          Cake:  Make Me A Cake Next Door          Music:  Claude Sawyer from LaBoom Entertainment          Floral Design:  Flowers by Jo-Ann          Makeup/Hair:  Kathy Howes from Trend Salon and Tiffany Maisonet          Gab’s Gown:  David’s Bridal          Amber’s Attire:  Suits from Mens Wearhouse          Rings:  Kay Jewelers          Invitations:  Caitlin Crowley          Transportation:  Yankee Trails          Video:  Dennis Shaw of Shaw Production          Photography:  Keith & Meghan Hitlin of Hitlin Photography Inc.

Brides’ Prep.

Gab & Amber's Wedding

Those softball shoes are so cool

2017-01-13_0002 2017-01-13_0003

Great shot of Mom and Daughter getting ready


Surprise, you have a gift!

2017-01-13_0005 2017-01-13_0006 2017-01-13_0007

Surprise, you have a gift as well.

2017-01-13_0008 2017-01-13_0009

Amber got her dad special baseball cufflinks

2017-01-13_0010 2017-01-13_0011

First Look (and yes Gab pinched Amber’s behind first, LOL)

2017-01-13_0012 2017-01-13_0013 2017-01-13_0014 2017-01-13_0016

Instead of a guest book, guests signed a home plate.

2017-01-13_0017 2017-01-13_0018 2017-01-13_0019 2017-01-13_0020

Keep her warm, Amber!

2017-01-13_0021 2017-01-13_0022 2017-01-13_0023 2017-01-13_0026 2017-01-13_0027 2017-01-13_0028



That sky is always amazing over Crooked Lake

2017-01-13_0030 2017-01-13_0031

Something a little different; love it!


The Ceremony

2017-01-13_0033 2017-01-13_0034 2017-01-13_0035 2017-01-13_0036 2017-01-13_0037 2017-01-13_0038

Everyone is looking at a speaker by the piano, but just love how this shot came out.

2017-01-13_0039 2017-01-13_0040 2017-01-13_0041



YES, that is a bucket filled with sunflower seeds.


Such a neat cake!

2017-01-13_0044 2017-01-13_0045 2017-01-13_0046 2017-01-13_0047

What started out as the 4th speech, ended up being a Flash Mob.  LOVE Gab & Amber’s faces!  SURPRISE!


Oh and we all learned that Grandpa can cut a rug!

2017-01-13_0049 2017-01-13_0050 2017-01-13_0051

Whisked away for some night shots.

2017-01-13_0052 2017-01-13_0053

Great team.  Kathy and Tiffany on beauty, Meg always helping with those boutineers, DJ Claude, Dennis on video, Elise teaching cake cutting 101,

Sarah and one of her staff getting dragged on the dance floor, and Keith and Meg shot by a bridesmaid who we had to beg to get our camera back from; LOL.


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