Annie & Jon’s Engagement Session Albany NY Engagement Photographer

Annie & Jon met over a game of Beer Pong.  The two during a college house party, found themselves in a competitive game against each other.  Annie and her friend ended up beating each group in the house that night, including Jon and his partner.  Jon asked them to come back from a rematch later that summer, and that’s when they hit it off.  The two are also huge sport fans with their love of NY Teams.  They love all of them (Rangers, Yankees, Giants, Jets).  Keith just couldn’t understand why the Mets (our team) was not included in that list ; LOL.  But one thing we love about them is their love for Van Halen as well, since Keith is a big fan.  Such a great couple and very easy going.  We can’t wait to spend their January 2017 wedding together with them capturing their big day at the Franklin Plaza Ballroom in Troy, NY.

Annie & John's Engagement Session 2016-07-27_0002 2016-07-27_0003

OK, so had to get a shot of Jon’s socks.  They just happened to match Annie’s cute shoes.  Christmas in the summer?

2016-07-27_0004 2016-07-27_0005 2016-07-27_0006

Love the contrast of colors here.

2016-07-27_0007 2016-07-27_0008 2016-07-27_0009 2016-07-27_0010

These guys rocked Keith’s request for their “best Blue Steele face.” (Zoolander)

2016-07-27_0011 2016-07-27_0012 2016-07-27_0013 2016-07-27_0014 2016-07-27_0015 2016-07-27_0016 2016-07-27_0017

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