Welcome to the World, Tyler!

We’ve been pretty busy this month with newborn and “baby bump” sessions.  We’re excited to introduce you to another one of our newest photo subjects; Tyler.  Mom Amelia and Dad Mike are getting into the swing of being new parents.  We headed over to their beautiful home, which had some amazing window light.  We LOVE utilizing natural light as much as possible.  Tyler was as cool as a cucumber when we started the shoot, but eventually wanted to be with his mom.  That’s ok, cause we got some really tender shots of mom and the little guy.  For Tyler only being days old in this shoot; he did a fabulous job and Amelia and Mike were so accomodating (even on that newborn parent lack of sleep).  We are so honored to meet Mr. Tyler and it was such a pleasure working with you guys!

Such a peaceful little guy



Happy new family

Little toes and fingers

I love the vibrancy of this blanket; oh and also the bink and holder in his mouth

Hanging out in the adorable nursery

Future football star?

Creative mom Amelia is working on a needlepoint for Tyler; how cute.

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