Welcome to the world to the newest Graham, West Stockbridge, MA

It seems like there are babies everywhere these days.  Especially babies from couples who were our previous wedding clients.  We’re pleased to welcome another beautiful little one to the world.  Back in 2010 we did the wedding of Caitlin and Steve in Western MA.  They welcomed their first born, Braden Henry just a few short weeks ago.  Just a little over a week old, Mr. Braden was alert and ready for his photo shoot.  His little nursery was so cute with the theme of owls, which was a really unique idea on Caitlin’s part.  We even did a few shots with a special doll that was given to the family from a close friend.  Can you guess who the doll is?  Check out the photos in the slideshow below.  See below that to find out the answer to the doll question!  Congrats Caitlin and Steve, and your little “Graham” cracker is as cute as a button!

Caitlin and Steve’s Wedding from 2010

ANSWER:  Yup, the doll is the one and only, Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead; Steve is a BIG fan of the band!

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