Welcome to the World littlest Larsen! Albany NY Photographer

One of our favorite families welcomed their newest addition to the world on New Year’s Eve.  Since mom, Melissa is good friends with Meg, we got to meet the little guy right in the hospital.  We were so excited for his first photo session a few days later at his home.  He is seriously beyond precious and looking right into the camera; I can see the family resemblance immediately; especially to his big brother who had some fun playing with his toys next to his little brother.  We love the demonstration of “real life” in some of these photos.  Having two boys ourselves, we know that life can be a little crazy and silly at times.  But as we’ve learned, you roll with it and laugh a lot!  I’m sure this family will have years of laughter for I can already see these two boys will keep them on their toes.  We love ya, Larsens!

Is that baby seriously winking at me?

Just had to get that perfect head of hair; SO CUTE!

Absolutely in love with their little guy!

Big brother is ready to play Monster Trucks with his little brother

Who can resist a cute photo bomb like this!  

This little guy definitely came into a household of LOVE!

A PERFECT family!

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