Van Alstyne Family

Allyson and Travis had a “baby bump session” with us a few months back and we’ve been dying to meet their little guy since he was born 6 mos. ago.  We were so excited when she contacted us to ask for pictures of their new family.  We headed back to the same location of their first shoot, which happened to be a family’s private residence in Columbia County.  This property has all the makings for perfect photography backgrounds.  We even joked with them that their family should rent the place out just for that.  It was so fun spending some time with these guys and their little guy.  Does the red truck look familiar?  We used the same one in the “baby bump” session.  We even had some fun with grandpa’s hat, which became an object of interest to this little tyke.  Thanks again guys for choosing us to capture your memories.  You have a beautiful family and we look forward to spending more time capture your life moments with you.

OMG, LOVE this hat that Grandpa gave him!

Such a peaceful pond.

We were crazy about this red truck during the first shoot.  Why not use it again?

LOVE from mom and dad

The keeper of the hat; AKA, Grandpa.  LOVE the chewing on his glasses and his expression here!

AND some playtime, wait DON’T…….OH WELL ;)!

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