The Wedding of Michelle & Patrick, Rexford, NY

We wrapped up our season this year with a STELLAR wedding; that of Michelle and Patrick.  We started the day at the Mohawk River Country Club where Michelle and her girls were getting dressed.  The fabulous Lipstick and Lashes for Hair were on hand to make everyone look their best.  Michelle was as cool as a cucumber as she prepared, and we knew we were in for a great day.  Michelle got her dress from Rainbow’s End in Oneonta and Felthousen’s did a beautiful job on the silk flower arrangements.  Michelle didn’t know how they were going to get the guys their boutonnieres, so we offered to deliver them to the church since we were headed there next.

We headed over to Schenectady to St. Luke’s Roman Catholic Church.  As we pulled in the parking lot, it began to drizzle.  We were a little nervous cause we planned all the formal shots outdoors after the ceremony.  We met up with Patrick inside the church and got some great detail of the beautiful indoor architecture and details.  As the ceremony began, it sounded like the skies opened and you could hear the loud crash of thunder and the rain pounding the roof.  Keith and I quickly discussed our Plan B for later.  After the ceremony, the newlyweds gathered in the foyer for a receiving line and Keith and I went outside to survey the damage.  Low and behold, the sun came out and even though the ground was wet, the sky was crystal clear.

Albany Trolley picked up the couple at the church and brought them over to Mohawk River Country Club.  Raphael and Debbie ALWAYS do an awesome job.  We’ve worked many venues over the years, and I have to say Mohawk River CC does one killer cocktail hour.  Don’t believe me, check out the pictures.  We took advantage of the terrace out back for the wedding party photos and then proceeded to jump into golf carts along with Michelle and Patrick and head out onto the beautiful golf course.  We really captured the best light of the day.  I don’t know if we can thank the storm for this, but the sky was AMAZING!  Michelle and Patrick were such troopers and even though the ground was wet, kept pushing on to have some more shots.

One of our favorite DJ’s (Fernando Bustamante from Piano Man) rocked out the evening.  The dance floor was jam packed!  Adam from Time Capsule Photobooths set up shop out near the bar where guests could make a fun keepsake and create a very unique guest book for the couple.  Mohawk River CC went a step beyond, by presenting an entire dessert room after the cake had been cut.  We’ve never seen anything like it.  A flambe station, crepe station, assorted cakes, pastries, and even a cigar and cordial bar.  Simply delicious!

We seriously had an awesome time with this couple.  They truly made us feel like family when we were there and we are so blessed that we’ve made new friends with them.  Congrats Michelle and Patrick.  You ended our season with a BANG!  We wish you all the happiness in the world!

The broach on the bouquet handle was handed down by Michelle’s grandmother.

Looking good Michelle!  She smiled ALL DAY!

Smiler #2 award goes to none other than Patrick!

LOVED the neat blue lanterns they put in the aisle.

Waiting for the cue.

Photo on the left is one of my favorites that Meg took!-Keith

They DID IT!

Albany Trolley had a party on board!

Seriously fun bunch.  Hey is that the look of “Blue Steel” from the movie Zoolander?

Michelle was breathtaking!

Patrick looking debonair!


Such KILLER LIGHT!!  NO FILTERS on either of these two.  The sky was PERFECT!!

Some fall color in the background.

LOVE when we get the chance to follow a couple in golf carts.  SO MUCH FUN!

OH YEAH, Mohawk River CC seriously had the BEST cocktail hour around!

Fellow professionals, Debbie from Mohawk River CC and the man himself, DJ Fernando Bustamante.  Looks like Keith had to play DJ for awhile since Fernando was busy busting a move!

Such great details thought of by Michelle.  CHECK out their toast glasses.

BY FAR, my most favorite ring shot!!  VERY COOL!

You do?

Entrance and first dance

Guests had fun in Time Capsule Photo Booth with tech Adam and then got to paste their photo in a creative way in a guest book.

OK, so I thought the cocktail hour was awesome.  I won’t lie and tell you we didn’t splurge on the Dessert room!  OMG, AMAZING!

Two thumbs up, we gotta be doing something right!

CRAZY dance floor!!

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  1. Awesome time with AWESOME Photographers! Thanks again for being there and doing such a great professional and personal job!

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