The wedding of Libby & Brad, Nassau, NY

Any Bride knows that attention to detail is key when it comes to planning your own wedding.  This wedding really showcases the unique creativity of the Bride.  When we met Libby and Brad, we knew they would be a laid back couple.  Remember their Engagement Session last year (see below)?

Libby and Brad were married at a private residence in Nassau, NY.  Libby did an awesome job making the wedding her own.  The detail put into the signs and even the neat wedding cake topper that had a striking resemblance to the couple were evident.  Their bridal party was super fun to work with and were ready to PARTY.  The band, Odus Budd, led by the late and great Pat Tiernan rocked out some tunes.  The most delicious chicken BBQ we’ve EVER tasted was cooked right on premises by a friend of the family.

It was a HOT day, and before we knew it, some of the wedding party decided to use a rope swing to jump into the pond on the property to cool off.  Brad even showed off his maneuvers as he did some back flips into the water.   Keith and I had such a blast at this wedding and are so excited for Libby and Brad.  We wish the both of you a happy and long marriage.  Congrats guys!

Libby and Brad’s Engagement shoot last fall.

Libby was beyond STUNNING!

LOVE this photo of Brad

Who’s going to win??

Such a fun bunch



Libby had such great attention to detail.

YES, I will have one of those!

RIP Pat Tiernan!  Pat passed away only a few short days after this wedding.  We are grateful that we had a pleasure to get to know him and work with him on a few weddings.  You will be missed and your music will live on forever!

Odus Budd

This is what you get when you have a HOT day and a rope swing over a pond at a wedding, LOL!



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