The Steltz Family Columbia County NY Photographer

We have been so backlogged on our Blog Posts lately.  We’ve just been SO BUSY!  But it’s the holiday season and we all know you love seeing our posts, so here ya go!

The Steltz family are regulars of ours and we’ve been “shooting” this family going on about 4 years now.  Their kids definitely put a smile on our face every time we see them.  They contact us every year for their annual fall foliage session and the day we picked had to be one of the COLDEST days of the year.  The kids were troopers and we especially LOVE the crocheted angry bird hats.  If you know these kids, they are a RIOT and they are all CONSTANTLY moving.  Thanks Steltz family for choosing us year and again for your memories.  BTW, one of their twins is an aspiring photog.  We may be out of business because of him ;), check out his portrait of us below!  GREAT JOB BUDDY!

Gotta love those hats!

I LOVE how mom and dad are framed in this pic

Hey NOT BAD!  I know who we’re hiring to do my family photos in the future ;)!


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