The Schubnel Family, Colonie, NY

Nothing says Autumn like crisp air and vibrant foliage. This shoot really showcased that. We worked with the Schubnel family at the Crossings in Colonie, and man was it a cold day. However, the leaves on the tree were absolutely stunning. It’s funny that you can’t really tell what the temperature was like by looking at a photo. These guys were definitely troopers! Thanks Tara and kids!

003_4705 008_4730

Great faces here!

 014_4751 018_4773

I love how the trees were so vibrant!

 022_4789 031_4839 035_4854 043_4896

Good looking kids!

 047_4925 049_4936

Again, the trees; beautiful!

 051_4958 054_4965

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