The Ormerod Family, Hudson, NY

Busy, Busy, BUSY with photo shoots lately and have a bunch more to put up on the Blog.  Today’s post is another of our repeat customers, the Ormerod’s.  Last year, when we took their photos, the littlest one couldn’t walk.  BOY, time flies and their little girl has turned into a busy bee.  Since she has learned to walk, she is constantly on-the-go.  Most people might think this makes for a hard shoot, but to be honest, it makes it fun because we let kids be kids.  This is what makes our shoots unique.  We try to capture the spirit of the family and show “real-life” in our photos.  The Ormerod’s again were a great family to work with.  We captured some beautiful colors up at Olana State Park in Hudson, NY just before all of the wind and storms blew the leaves away.  Thanks again for supporting us and coming back to us every year.  We look forward to capturing your family again in the future!


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