The Jackson and Lanphear Families

Not only do we offer single family shoots, but we also offer multifamily shoots as well.  Many people like to take this opportunity when there is an older relative that everyone wants a picture with or even when relatives from out-of-town come to visit.  Whatever, you’re looking for, we can accommodate your needs.  The Jackson family have been with us for a while now.  It was fun to get to take some pics of their extended family including the Lanphear family.  Leya Jackson set this session up with Meg and we give Leya lots of credit for getting the entire group of 22 people organized and prepared.  We took advantage of this really great spot that they picked high up overlooking the gorgeous Columbia County valley below.  I have to say, it was amazing seeing the caravan from Jackson’s Old Chatham House (restaurant the family owns) of cars to our location.  Being in the restaurant biz, the family came prepared with coolers full of drinks and snacks for family members to enjoy during the shoot.  We had so much fun!  Thanks again for choosing KHP as your photographers of choice!

Remember this AWESOME TEASER?


YUP, this happened!  The goings-on in the background.  Too funny not to take a picture of!

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