The Furnari Family, Valatie, NY

Taking pictures of children is a ton of fun, but when you have twins, it is just a blast!  Ashley and her husband contacted us recently to do a family shoot and wanted to capture the “spirit” of their twin baby girls, Sophia and Lily.  The sweet twins just recently turned ONE!  They were continuously on the move!  Trying to capture two little ones sitting still is a hard task, especially when they’ve just learned to walk and are exploring the world around them.  It was fun chasing them around and getting some great candids that really captured their personal real life.  You have a gorgeous family guys and thanks so much for letting us preserve this memory for you!

What a stunning family!

The twins’ older cousin stopped by for a photo!

Two peas in a pod!

We love our “lifestyle approach” to photography.  This is a great photo opportunity.  During a break, mom fed the little ones a snack to keep them satisfied.  Our cameras NEVER stop shooting!

Tag team!

My favorite family portrait of the day; just gorgeous! -Megs

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