The Dutra Family, Albany, NY

Melanie contacted us back at the beginning of Dec. to set up a family shoot of her and her kids.  She said she really didn’t have any pictures of the three of them together.  Her friend (also a friend of ours) referred her to us.  Since the weather had gotten much colder, we decided on an indoor shoot at the NY state museum.  The fourth floor has windows on all sides and adds a nice light.  We had some fun doing some formal shots and some candid ones.  The little guy wanted to wear his “Grave Digger” hat for the whole shoot.  Boy, he would get along with our oldest who is a major Monster Jam fan.  We compromised with some shots with and some without.  I think the ones with really show him as he is now and they’ll look back on these photos years from now and say, “remember when you LOVED Monster Trucks?”  What a great shoot!

One thought on “The Dutra Family, Albany, NY

  1. What a good looking family ~ great smiles and beautiful eyes on all of them. I love your back story blog always with the pictures, it makes these folks so much more personal to those that don’t know them. Great job!

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