The Cook Family, Stuyvesant Falls, NY

We absolutely love working with repeat families. The Cook family has done photo shoots with us in the past and we absolutely are honored that they keep coming back for more. I don’t know what it is about barns this season, but a unique background like this really livens a photo. The two girls were awesome to work with. The oldest is beginning an acting career and we can’t wait for the day to say, "we photographed her!" The youngest was getting over a pretty bad cold. But you could barely tell from this shoot. You guys are all troopers; THANKS!

001_3076008_3123 012_3135

This little one was such a cut-up!


Looking up to her big sister!

 018_3163 023_3197 026_3209 029_3234

What a good looking family!

 030_3257 032_3261 034_3272 036_3286

Tell me a secret.

 038_3306 040_3345

I love this red barn!  It makes all the colors POP!

 044_3361 047_3377

Probably my favorite from the shoot!  GREAT lighting + excessive giggles= AWESOME PHOTO!


What a family resemblance.

 051_3423 052_3432 056_3476 059_3489 060_3492

I see Broadway lights in this one’s future!

 062_3499 069_3545

Give a kid a leaf and see what they do with it; GREAT photo!


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