Sue and Pete’s new Baby

So it was a busy week for us in the baby dept. This was shoot number 2 from last week of Sue and Pete’s 3 month old. She was such a great baby to work with and Mom and Dad knew exactly how to make her feel at ease. In many of these shoots we take many breaks which helps the baby relax and makes them much easier to work with. Shooting on location at Sue and Pete’s house was great because they had everything they needed at their finger tips. No worries, no rushing, we just took lots of breaks, and let the baby be a baby! Meg is great on these shoots because the kids love her and I love her attention to detail. Another great shoot in the books.

Just a great looking family!

This image was captured during some down time as Sue tried to relax the baby.
That’s why we never stop shooting!

And another great shot from a break in the action. Mommy is calming the baby while just chatting with Meg and I.
As you can see, the baby is totally onto my scheme, staring right at me!!!

If you ask any photographer, they will tell you that natural light is the preferred way to light a subject. Whenever I can, I try to incorporate it into my shots. Sue and Pete had a second bedroom with a big window and lots of sun coming in. But to much sun can be a bad thing, causing harsh shadows, squinting, etc. So we used a 32 inch circular diffuser to the left side of the shot to spread the light evenly.

Another shot using the same natural light and diffuser. Perfect natural lighting.

She loved being wrapped around Daddy’s arm. I love the contrast between his dark skin and her baby skin.

Lovin’ kisses from Dad…

and snuggles from Mom.

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