Shannon, Scott, and their Twin Boys

To wrap up our busy baby week, we did a photo shoot with Shannon, Scott, and their twin boys. Meg and I had a lot of fun working with them and those boys kept us on our toes. I give major props to the parents who are doing an awesome job with these two guys. We did a few indoor studio-like shots and then headed outside to a nice spot nearby. Always love mixing up a session with both indoor and outdoor shots to give the client variety. Great shots and a great family to work with!

So we started off the shoot with some traditional portraits of the boys.  We used our portable studio equipment for these shots.

This is usually a shot for the blooper reel but I thought it was super funny. He was ready to take me down!

Just a great shot of Shannon and the boys. This was one of a series and its the only one were they are all looking in my direction.

This was the start of our outside part of the session. These guys belong in a magazine, seriously! Good call by Meg to make this a sepia tone.

I love the exposure here and they are all looking in my general direction. You can’t get any better than that.

A light hearted moment after Scott cracked a joke.

All smiles hanging with Dad.

Another magazine worthy photo.

These guys are just too cute!

As we started to wind down, the boys started to get tired.  This was taken in a down moment. So candid, love it.

One of my favorites. I love the lighting and the colors rock in this shot.

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