Shannon & Bart’s Wedding at The Sagamore Resort, Bolton Landing, NY

A couple weeks back, we spent a beautiful day on Lake George with Shannon and Bart.  The weather was gorgeous and the colors were so vivid.  After getting ready at the famous resort, Shannon made her way to the church in Warrensburg, NY where Bart was eagerly waiting.  The two had an intimate ceremony and then journeyed back to The Sagamore Resort for a kicking reception.  Bart surprised us with his hip and very creative dance moves as guests partied to tunes played by our good friend, DJ Fernando Bustamante.


A Beautiful Vera Wang Dress!002_3614 010_3640

Everyone kept asking what these flowers were called.  Shannon said they were billabong flowers.  Very unique touch!019_3671 039_3568 050_3714 055_3724

Shannon’s brother Andrew, was her “Man-of-Honor”

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Stunning Light here! 136_2380 153_3895 168_3967 245_4147 263_4200 272_4229  315_4349 325_4384 336_4430 349_2658   362_4503 368_4534 384_4565 393_4618 437_5103 455_2881448_5158 411_4755414_4769 482_4972 523_4928 543_2907 580_5280 720_5749  753_5812

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