Sarah and John’s Longfellows Wedding Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photographer

Sarah contacted us early last year to set up a wedding consult.  She was doing most of her wedding planning alone because fiance (at the time) John, was attending the United States Air Force Academy.  Sarah was so nice and she was really organized.  We even sent all of the information to John electronically just so he had a part as well.  We were so happy they decided to go with us.  They immediately booked their Engagement Session with us while John was home on leave and we had some fun up at their camp.  We knew from that session how easy going they were and that this was going to be a wonderful event.

We started our day at Sarah’s parent’s house, where we were greeted  by 12 bridesmaids; yup, I said 12!  They were such a fun bunch.   Makeup Artist Ann Quay from Nuance Boutique Salon made Sarah absolutely flawless.  We were joined by videographer Mike Verenini from Lovecraft Productions and his assistant Mark Adamo to capture some of Sarah’s prep and details while at the house.

We headed over to the First Reformed Church of Schenectady where we met John and his 9 groomsmen.  Now John comes from a military family and is military himself, so he was sure to have some friends from the military and some not in his party.  The uniforms were sharp and we learned a lot that day about military attire.  John was all smiles when we arrived and he totally gets the award for our calmest groom.

Sarah, her parents, and the girls arrived at the church in a party bus from Premier Limo and the couple had a beautiful ceremony officiated by the Rev. Daniel Carlson.  It is military tradition that there is a sword ceremony upon exiting the church.  This makes for some awesome shots.  We then took a stroll around the Stockade district of Schenectady and made use of some beautiful architecture.  We even had one building owner notice us taking pictures, and actually invited the bride and groom into his historic home to use his very neat balcony for some interesting shots.  I guess it is true, you need to be in the right place at the right time.

Everyone headed up to Longfellows Hotel and Restaurant in Saratoga Springs where coordinator Gerry made sure the entire wedding party was comfortable in the bridal suite.  We did some outdoor shots just as the sun was setting and were so pleased with the beautiful glow that shined through the trees to give us some awesome light.  The reception was seriously, “OFF THE HOOK,” thanks to DJ Andy Pratt.  You would think a bunch of military would not be too into partying, well let’s just say, don’t judge a book by its cover.  IT WAS INSANE!  The dance floor was packed ALL NIGHT and I swear, both John and Sarah were on the floor for practically every dance.

Sarah and John recently moved to Texas where John is newly stationed.  We wish them all the best in the future and want to thank them again for choosing us to be your photogs.  It was a BLAST!

Remember their Engagement Session?  (click picture to go directly to that session)

YUP, that is 12 dresses for 12 bridesmaids!

Sarah’s family dog was right by her side the entire time she had her makeup done; priceless!

So beautiful Sarah!

Just love the kisses from mom and dad

John looked stylin’ in his dress blues

John’s dad fixing his tie is one of our favorite shots

CRAZY, FUN wedding party, and we LOVE IT!

The Ceremony

Sword Ceremony

Check out that interesting building they were asked to come into

WOW, seriously some of our favorite golden hour photos right here!

Reception details

The reception

Shout out to fellow vendors Mike Verenini from Lovecraft Productions and DJ Andy Pratt!  Great job guys!

And of course.. us in action.  Meg is always making that dress perfect and check out the expressions in the photo of Keith. LOL!


Officiate: Daniel Carlson, First Reformed Church of Schenectady

Venue:  Longfellows Hotel  and Restaurant, contact:  Gerry

Music:  DJ Andy Pratt

Video:  Mike Verenini of Lovecraft Productions

Flowers:  Central Market Florist, Price Chopper

Makeup/Hair: MU Anne Quay of Nuance Boutique Salon and Hair Reflection Hair Salon

Gown:  Bridal Gallery by Yvonne’s

Tuxes:  Men’s Wearhouse

Rings:  Jared Jewelers

Transportation:  Premier Limo

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