Rachelle & Kurt’s Engagement Session Albany NY Wedding Photographer

Rachelle and Kurt met each other at a party and spent the whole night talking to each other.  They planned their first date for the very next day and hit it off big time.  So much that each of them separately texted their best friends with the same message; “I think I met the man/girl I’m going to marry.”

Keith met up with these two at the Pruyn House in Latham, where the staff were so nice to let us come in and do their session.  It was such a frigid, cold day, so we were all quite happy to be indoors for most of the session.  We did some more casual stuff outside and I love how the colors they wore complimented the surroundings.  It truly turned out to be a magical shoot!

The decor is so pretty inside.

Rachelle’s dress was such a brilliant blue; love it!

Let’s head outside.  

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