Rachel and Ajay’s E-Session, Amsterdam, NY

We get super excited when a couple comes up with their own unique idea for an e-session and Rachel and Ajax did NOT disappoint.  Well, it was really Rachel’s idea, Ajay was just along for the ride I think.  But he played the part masterfully! The idea was a 1950’s retro-style shoot centered around the kitchen.  Rachel admits she is not much of a cook and really doesn’t like it all that much.  Ajay, on the other hand is a pretty good cook apparently and loves it!  So that is what makes this shoot so much fun.  Rachel decided it would be super fun to play the part of “Susie Home-maker” from the 50’s while Ajay did the “1950’s guy” thing; read the newspaper!  Then towards the end, the tables turned and Ajay became the cook!  Notice the much deserved glass of wine that Rachel has from this point on.  So much credit to these guys for coming up with the concept.  Also,props to makeup and hair stylist, Yeliza Garcia Rodriquez for doing such a great job in recreating the look Rachel was looking for!  We’re looking forward to their Aug. 2013 wedding.  You know it will be creative, give this E-Session!

3 thoughts on “Rachel and Ajay’s E-Session, Amsterdam, NY

  1. I enjoyed looking at this so much – chops to this happy couple for being so creative. And kudos to the great photographers…

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