Patti & Durrell’s Engagement Shoot, Albany, NY

It was a crisp day when we shot engagement pics for Patti and Durrell. You really wouldn’t know given the looks they had on their faces. You can really tell that these guys are in love; just check out their expressions. We decided on the Plaza which showcases many of Albany’s landmarks. This was important to the couple due to the fact that they will be married at Taste in 2012. Can’t wait to get some more of these landmark shots with this great looking couple at their wedding. Check back to see those!

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They were all smiles!


Cool arch. 020_7951

Give me a kiss!

 025_7997 028_8018 036_8054 039_8079 046_8104 047_8118

Love how Durrell is looking at Patti here!

 049_8155 051_8202 054_8213

Such a clear day.  All the colors seem to POP!

 056_8240 060_8258 063_8263 067_8303 071_8330 079_8393

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