Melissa and Zach’s Amsterdam, NY Wedding

We recently shot the wedding of Melissa and Zach in Amsterdam, NY. Melissa was the epitome a of a cool, calm, and collected bride. From the moment we arrived, everything ran very smoothly. After getting married at the United Presbyterian Church by her uncle ( a pastor), we headed to the River Front Center park to capture some wedding party shots and shots of the newly married couple. It was a beautiful day on the edge of the river. The reception kicked off at the Crossroads Community Church hall where both families and friends got their dance on. Best wishes to a happily filled life together Melissa and Zach!


Neat signs made for the newly-married couple’s parking space at the reception.


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Melissa was a stunning bride!

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Zach was ALL smiles this day!

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On their journey into a happily married life together!  Congrats guys!


3 thoughts on “Melissa and Zach’s Amsterdam, NY Wedding

  1. I love the pics, especially the bride’s blue shoes. I continually admire yours and Meg’s talents. Great idea having the reception in a high school gym. Very nice!

  2. I am currently seeking availability and cost for my daughter s wedding on June 6 2014 it will be an outside wedding at my house in Amsterdam.

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