Lisa Gabriel’s Family, Colonie, NY

This time of year really revolves around one true and meaningful theme-FAMILY! We are truly blessed with working with such great families for our family portrait shoots. Lisa was our oldest child’s preschool teacher and when the opportunity arose to take her family’s photos, we couldn’t resist. It was a beautiful autumn day in the Crossings and the light was perfect. The resemblance of her daughter to her is uncanny. She looks like Lisa’s "mini-me." What a beautiful family and what a gorgeous shoot!002_4206 003_4209 006_4217 009_4225 011_4247 015_4266 018_4285 020_4299 022_4335

The lines on the bridge gave for some interesting dimension.

 027_4360 029_4373

Great day/GREAT lighting!


Don’t drop me mom!


Dad and his little girl.

 045_4448 048_4475 050_4503 055_4562 058_4582 065_4625

NO WAY, does this little one look like her mother ;)!

 069_4637 072_4654 074_4666What a cutie!

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