Lauren & Chris’ E-Session, Schenectady, NY

What do you get when you have two people who have become engaged and absolutely LOVE the theater?  Well, an engagement photo session at an actual theater, of course.  Lauren and Chris are getting married later this year, and we had the AWESOME opportunity to get inside Proctor’s theater in Schenectady to capture their shoot.  Lauren, a local of the area,  is currently teaching and living in England.  So ,when the chance arose that she was back in the states, mixed with a great location to shoot,  it was like all the stars aligned.  Keith had such a fun time spending the day really getting to know both Chris and Lauren.  “Break a Leg” in August you two!

Great shot from the balcony.
So theatrical these two are.Did you know that when there are no shows going on and the theater is “dark,” there is ALWAYS a light on the stage.  It is called the “ghost light.”  Had to get a shot with these two basking in its glow.Had to get a shot next to this upcoming event’s poster.  It will take place the day they get married.

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