Laura & Tucker’s E-Session, Ravena, NY

Any session that we have when animals join in is always a blast.  They seriously bring so much personality to the day and make everyone laugh.  Laura and Tucker decided they wanted to bring their two dogs in for their E-Session.  The funny part about the whole thing was the big dog was afraid of Keith’s camera.  Every time he lifted it up, the big guy started barking!  Once we got to know each other, things ran smoother and we were able to get some great shots!  Then we passed the dogs off to their handler, Laura’s Mom, and found some great spots to do photos of just the two of them. Laura’s family has an awesome spot in Ravena with great views and color.  This is were Laura will be getting ready next year for their Sept. 2013 wedding, so I know we will get some great shots then as well.  Thanks for having us guys!

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