Laura & Nick’s E-Session, Troy, NY

“Take Me Out to the Ball Game!”  During the process of setting up Laura and Nick’s Engagement Session, it came out that these guys are crazy baseball fans.  They take a trip each year to see their beloved Cleveland Indians in a different ballpark. Come to find out, the actual engagement proposal occurred on one of the many baseball trips they take each year!
So we had to go with a baseball theme.  We are fortunate to have a great Minor League team and stadium right here in the Capital District over in Troy, NY.  Nicknamed, “The Joe”, Joe Bruno Stadium, home of the Tri-City Valley Cats, was the perfect backdrop for these guys. I thought getting access would be tricky, but the folks at the stadium were amazing and let us have access all over even while they ran a youth program on the field.  We can’t thank the Valley Cats organization enough for letting us do this session at “The Joe”.  We love when the setting matches the clients’ interest and I think we hit a home run with this one.  YUP, I had to say it!  😉

Thanks to Laura and Nick for going along with our ideas and bringing their own ideas to the shoot!  Looking forward to your wedding at the Mohawk River Country Club in October.

We were going for a “Bad News Bears” feel with this series of shots.

What’s better than blowing bubbles in a baseball dugout?


Switched up the clothing a little for some stadium shots.  Oh, and we just had to incorporate a baseball for the BLING shot!

So fun to be directly on the pitcher’s mound.  Thanks again to Joe Bruno Stadium!

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