Launch of our e-newsletter “KHP Snapshot”

We are very excited to announce the addition of our brand new e-mail newsletter, the ‘KHP Snapshot’!  Click here to subscribe!  Why should you sing up for more email?  We have 5 very good reasons….

Top 5 reasons you need ‘KHP Snapshot’ in your Inbox

5. Featured Posts in Each Issue.  We know life is busy and next thing you know a whole month went by and you didn’t get to look at any of our photos!  Bummer.  Have no fear, Snapshot is hear! Each month we will feature some current and previous posts that we can’t get enough of and know you will love.

4. Social Media Overload.  We know that sometimes you need a break from social media.  So how else will you stay in touch with us?  Don’t worry, we will deliver important news and updates via the newsletter.  You won’t miss a thing!

3. Special Discounts.  As a thank you for subscribing, we will pass along exclusive discount codes to save you money on online orders.  This will come in handy around the holidays!

2. Photography Tips.  Each issue will have tips to help you take better photos because the world needs better photos!  If you have a question, pass it along to us.  Maybe it will be the next one featured!

and the #1 reason you need to subscribe to our newsletter….

1. Your Inbox is Dull.  Sorry, we had to say it.  Sure the electronic version of your phone bill is convenient, but it ain’t pretty.  Our newsletter will make your Inbox look good, period.


Did you miss our First Issue?  Click here to view it online!

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