Kira’s 1yr. old shoot Columbia County Photographer

Kira will be turning 1 this month and mom Karrie wanted to capture her as she is in this moment.  We took a lifestyle approach and wanted to capture Kira in her natural environment.  She has these brilliant blue eyes and has such a calm and serious face.  Thanks to the help of her grandfather; who wasn’t beyond going outside in frigid temps to get Kira to look through a window at him.  We KNOW who makes Kira light up.  When this girl smiled; it was PRICELESS!  We even had some fun outside with her vintage toy pink car that her grandparents bought even before she was born for her.  Happy Birthday Miss. Kira!!!

LOVE those eyes!

There may have a ROCKETTE in the family!

Kira with her mom and dad

THAT SMILE!  (Thanks Grandpa!)

COOLEST toy car ever!

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