Kim and Evan’s Eagle Mills Cider Company Wedding Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photographer

Over a year ago, Kim and Evan contacted us about photography for their very unique wedding day. They were referred to us by Katrina and Austin Sullivan, a previous KHP wedding couple who also had an amazing wedding the prior year. The kicker was, we were already booked for their date.  So, we said our goodbyes and wished them the best and said (jokingly) “let us know if you change your date!  Ha!”  Well… a few weeks later, we got a call back from Kim and Evan.  They had in fact changed their date!  Now, I am not saying that they changed it just to have us be their photographers or anything like that.  I guess we will never know!

I often tell couples, no matter what your venue, what makes a wedding special is the personal touch you give it.  Evan and Kim took this to the max!  They decided on a carnival theme at the Eagle Mills Cider Company in Broadalbin, NY.  Their attention to detail was amazing and instead of a traditional reception with music and dancing, they opted for carnival games. Guests won tickets from the games and prizes were given out at the end of the night.  And, I am super bummed I did not win that homemade apple pie Eagle Mills owner, John Arnao put up for a prize!  Their home grown photo booth turned out to be a huge hit with the guests and we snapped a few incriminating photos from that part of the show!

Just so you are aware, everything you see from the table runners, to the carnival games, to the signs, were all handmade by these two.  This is a wedding their guests will never forget.  Truly Kim and Evan, we are beyond happy you chose us to document your day.  Here’s to always having as much fun as you did on your wedding day!

Let’s start off with their AMAZING Engagement Session in the winter.  Remember that?  Talk about two extremely different seasons.

Both Kim and Evan got ready at their camp site.  We LOVE Kim’s bouquet made of family donated broaches.  Just beautiful!

Kim beamed all day long.  You gotta love her smile!  AH, that one of her looking in the door reflection; priceless!

Carnival theme; why not get all the guys a shirt with a carnival character on it?  Cool idea!

We love that Evan had such a neat alternative to the traditional wedding attire.

First look; camp style!

This is GREAT!  Kim’s dad and mom drove the couple to the wedding site in Dad’s killer truck.

EVERY detail was handmade.  These two should really start a business!

The Ceremony

Fun Carnival details-VERY unique!


OMG, these two were a riot!  This pic explains it ALL!  Love the sense of humor they have!

PHOTO BOOTH time (custom designed by Kim and Evan)

Can’t be a Blog post without a few fun ones of the photogs!  We love what we do; can ya tell ;)?


Officiate:  Rev. Allen Jager-Helderberg Reformed Church

Venue:  Eagle Mills Cider Company-contact John Arnao

Gown:  David’s Bridal

Rings:  Drue Sanders Custom Jewelry

Invitations:  Dyanna Csaposs  

Wedding Details:  Evan made signs, Kim sewed bowties, bean bags and runners, Kim’s grandmother’s ball jars were the centerpieces

4 thoughts on “Kim and Evan’s Eagle Mills Cider Company Wedding Saratoga Springs NY Wedding Photographer

  1. photos are great and radiate with the fun that was evident the entire day! What a fun wedding! Congratulations again to Kim & Evan and kudos to the photographers!

  2. This really looked like a FUN time. My fiance and I are considering this place for our wedding. Would love to have a chance to chat with the bride??

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